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segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

Alerta Vacina GripeA H1N1 É Mortal

Buzz This

Portalegre, grávida com 34 semanas, abortou após levar vacina da gripe A, vacina da gripe H1N1, sente-se mal, sofre convulsões durante três dias e a seguir perde o feto (aborta).

Responsáveis de saúde dizem não existir qualquer relacionamento… blá, blá, blá,…

Veja o vídeo:

WARNING: Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) Vaccine DEADLY !

Confira também:

  • Baxter has previously worked with governments all over the globe to develop and produce vaccines to protect against infectious disease or potential threats from bioterrorism. After 9/11 Baxter helped supply stockpiles of a smallpox vaccine and in 2003 the company was contracted to develop a vaccine to combat the SARS virus. In 2006 the UK Government announced plans designed to inoculate every person in the country with Baxter’s vaccines in the event of a flu pandemic.

However, Baxter has a very recent and most disturbing connection to flu vaccines.

As reported by multiple sources last month, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.

  • featured stories   Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal

It was only by providence that the batch was first tested on ferrets in the Czech Republic, before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery was made.

Czech newspapers immediately questioned whether the events were part of a conspiracy to deliberately provoke a pandemic, following up on accusations already made by health officials in other countries.


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